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1 mai 2011 7 01 /05 /mai /2011 15:43

God bless my Mum, and God bless all good mothers on earth.

mabel.jpgI love my Mum and Im full of admiration for her !!! May God bless her and all Good Mothers on earth!!! My sisters and I grew up watching our Mum feeding the hungry, clothing the nacked, giving shelter to the homeless, and even paying school fees for children who's parents could not afford it. sometimes I got angry with her because we didnt have enough. I remember very well when she was working in operation ward at Hopital Bethesda in Nyogbo, she paid a huge hospital bill for a sick woman whom she doesnt even know; because she said she couldnt watch her die of a sickness which can be healed through an operation, simply because she had no money. Believe me, that month, life was difficult for us because that bill was not in the budget; but she wont stop being kind.


Upon all her kindness all she got in return was enviness, jealousy, criticism, Ungreatfulness and insults!!! I called her last night and said: " Mum you are growing old, and you are not a millionaire, pls stop all this; take care of yourself, for in caring for others you have neglected yourself; after all, what did you have in return? nothing, when you lost one of your daughters how many of those that you've helped mourned with you? most of them were happy to see you sad!! human beings are ungreatful!! when you raise a fallen person up, you are the first person whose face he looks into! that's why you should leave them rise themselves! love those who loves you, and ignore those who ignores you for the world is an ungreatful world!"


63261_1502878138331_1425564306_31062869_3348854_n.jpgI couldnt believe my ears when my Mum answered me with this: "This is who I am, and if I have no reward on earth, at least I Know I spend my life doing good."

I was not happy with her answer, I told her Im loving only those who loves me, Im giving only to those who gives me, Im smiling only to those who smile at me! to hell with hypocrites, parasites, and haters!! this is who I am and I assume it.

( I know many wouldnt like this, but i dont care. you dont have to like me, Im not a facebook status.)


Despite our differents opinions about the issue; Im full of admiration for her! God bless my Mum, and God bless all good mothers !!!

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